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The Book is Out There!

Hi everyone!

We did it.

At last, the Mostly Invisible Boy is out there. It doesn’t just belong to me and my family anymore. It’s traveling through the world, wide-eyed and feisty, climbing trees and taking names.

A few people have asked me how I feel about finally being published. The answer is...not straightforward. Happy, for sure. I'm proud of this story and these characters. They're my best work to date and more than that...a lot of heart went into their creation. I'm not going to say they're sketched with my heart's blood, but man, I care about them a lot. There's a sense of letting go, that what was previously a private conversation is now a public announcement. Do I feel nervous? Not really, because the story can stand on its own feet. But there's a sense of suspense. Who will read it? How will they find it? How far will this book travel, and will it go slow or fast?

Thanks so much to each of you who made the debut special. Those notes and well wishes meant a lot. I wrote my first manuscript in 2013, and there were many times I felt my writing would never get a chance to see the light of day. This book birthday was a long time coming, and my family celebration, with lots of feasting and toasts, was absolutely as much fun as you can have on lockdown.

Early reviews have started to trickle in and they’re very positive…

If you’ve enjoyed the book, a review would be an investment in Casey’s future. I’m hoping for a steady outward ripple of recommendations. That’s the way a small press book gains traction in this world of pandemic and media saturation. It won’t happen overnight. But it’s possible.

If you have a few minutes—seriously, all it takes—your brief, glowing review on Amazon, Goodreads and B&N sites would be fantastic. Feel free to post the same review in multiple places.

Ok, some of you are wondering, What comes next for Casey Grimes?

Well, I’m about to put together some short author Q&A videos for homeschool or classroom use. I’ll weave in writing tips and fun Sylvan Woods activities. If you or your students have questions they’d like me to answer, please send them over...but prepare to be ridiculed on video if you ask for spoilers! ;) 

I’ve also given this site a makeover, so now it's more colorful and interactive. Be sure to play the voiceover on the book trailer. (It draws on my son Asher's voice talents and cracks me up.) Furthermore, if you and/or your kids haven’t found the Secret Sylvan Vault yet (bonus material), you’d better put on your investigator hats and start looking.

Finally, although it’s hard for me to believe, CASEY GRIMES 2 is due to be released in October. The way this year is going, that only seems a few weekends away. I'm about to send the manuscript for TRICKERY SCHOOL to my publisher, so cross your fingers for me. 

That's it for now. Here's hoping you're taking full advantage of any trees, trails and wilderness nearby!

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