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About AJ

(in his own words)

Hi everyone!


It's considered more professional to write about oneself in the third person, but that implies someone else wrote your bio, and guess what? They didn't! 

As you may have guessed, I write books. I'm also a husband, dad, and lifetime tree-climber. My debut middle grade fantasy novel, The Mostly Invisible Boy, explores a world of forest secret societies, Hyena Toads and—obviously—invisibility. If you haven't read it yet, you should probably be doing that right now instead of reading this bio. 

When I'm not writing, I'm usually fixing my house, coercing—ahem, politely asking my kids to pick up their rooms, or pursuing one of my too-many hobbies. 

These include, but are not limited to:

  • playing basketball

  • gardening

  • hiking

  • evading capture by Jamaican secret agents (long story)

  • making espresso

  • general adventuring

  • reading other people's books

My wife and I live in a woodsy house with our six proteges and a ridiculous number of pets, including a turtle with a taste for human toes. This makes me an expert on wild, dangerous things—invisibility spells, butcher beasts, hungry kids, you get the idea.

In case you're wondering, Yes. More Casey Grimes books are on the way. I'm sure to be writing more about that on the blog.


If you'd like to subscribe to my author emails (the inside scoop on Sylvan Woods), catch up on social media, or send me a note about Casey Grimes, this is the place to do it. 

Over and out,

(me, I wrote this)


P.S. There's a hidden page on this site with extra Casey material and I can only hope you've already found it. But if your investigative skills are, well...not that's a hint: one of the portals is nearby. 

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"The way to love anything is to realize

that it might be lost."

G.K. Chesterton

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