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Welcome—& look both ways for monsters!

When Casey Grimes and his little sister Gloria infiltrated SYLVAN WOODS, sorta-kinda by mistake, they didn't know what they were getting into. 

And how could they?

Who knew America needed to be protected from numerous MONSTERS eager to devour the suburbs? 

Who knew there was a SECRET WILDERNESS SOCIETY to keep those monsters in check?

And who knew...that normal kids with the guts to to climb trees and wield swords and maces and sneak around the BEASTWOODS after dark...could earn the right to be part of this secret society?

Well, now Casey and Gloria know. Hopefully they didn't find out too late. But it's definitely not too late for you to take part in their horrifying, heart-warming, award-winning adventures. 

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Quick author note.


As we all learned, during a pandemic is a crazy time to do a lot of things. Having a book debut was definitely one of them, but Casey Grimes did it anyway—twice. The books are courageous and a little out of their minds. What could I say?

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"The way to love anything is to realize

that it might be lost."

G.K. Chesterton

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