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Casey Grimes #1

"Original and inventive, full of courage and heart."  – Amy Wilson, author of A Far Away Magic, Shadows of Winterspell, and The Wild Way Home


"Fun, funny and imaginative, The Mostly Invisible Boy is a rollicking good adventure." – Andrew Chilton, author of The Goblin’s Puzzle 

Eleven-year-old Casey Grimes is stubbornly friendly, but he’s eternally the new kid at Vintage Woods Middle School. Students look right through him—and they’re not faking. Casey doesn’t know why he’s mostly invisible, but when he scales a colossal oak, he discovers a fortress in its branches. The forgotten sentry tree marks the border between his safe, suburban life and a fierce frontier.


Casey and his little sister Gloria infiltrate Sylvan Woods, a secret forest society devoted to ancient, wild things. Sky-high footpaths. Survival sewing. Monster control. Shockingly, people here actually see Casey—but being seen isn’t enough. He wants to belong. Posing as a Sylvan girl’s cousins, he and Gloria enter Trickery School—an academy where classes have surprise endings, battles are as common as breakfast, and magic is so last century. For the first time in his life, Casey makes friends…but kids at Trickery have lost touch with the people they’re sworn to defend. If anyone finds out he’s an imposter, he’ll be blacklisted for life—or worse, thrown in the sewers with the tiger rats.


Keeping his identity hidden—while struggling to prove he fits—is hard enough, but butcher beasts have returned to Sylvan Woods after a hundred years. Trickery is under siege. As the monsters close in, and the fearsome Sylvan Watch hunts Casey down, he and his newfound friends must unearth abandoned magic, buried at the forest’s roots…or be devoured along with everyone else, Sylvans and civilians alike.


During a pandemic is a crazy time to do a lot of things. Having a book debut was definitely one of them, but Casey Grimes #1 did it anyway. The book demanded to see the world. What could I do?

In the months since, The Mostly Invisible Boy has been steadily accumulating five-star reviews from sites like LitPick, Always in the Middle, and Reader's Favorite, as well as from people like yourself. If you've read the book and loved it, an Amazon or Goodreads review helps Casey find future readers. And if you haven't read it yet, well, you're in the right place!

In case you're wondering, my wife and I live in a woodsy house with our six proteges and a ridiculous number of pets, including a turtle with a taste for human toes. This makes me an expert on wild, dangerous things—invisibility spells, butcher beasts, hungry kids, you get the idea.

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"The way to love anything is to realize

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G.K. Chesterton

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