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Mostly Invisible Boy is Book of the Month!

...for June, over on the Great Middle Grade Reads group. This is Goodreads' largest, most active MG group. Can we consider this a minor award? Yes, I think I will. ;)

Casey Grimes beat out a dozen other titles in a hotly contested race decided by member voting. If you'd like to share your thoughts on the book, head on over to the forum. I will be nearby, carefully looking in another direction.

Currently my publisher, INtense, has a .99 ebook deal available in conjunction with the BOTM event, ahem, award. Not sure when that will change, but as of today (June 8) it's still available on the book's page in their online shop.

Here's hoping a few more people will discover the book this way...and review it. You knew I was going to say that, right? I keep hearing stories about folks reading Casey, their kids stealing it, parents stealing it back from their kids, single people gloating over their private copies, etc., so capture some of those good vibes in your reviews, ok? You know I love you!

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