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DECEMBER FIRST. That's it. That's the date.

CASEY GRIMES at TRICKERY SCHOOL from INtense Publications is due to be published in a week!

Are you surprised?

It's only fitting that in a weird year full of uncertainty, advance planning turned out to be a challenge, but it's starting to look like nothing will stop me from achieving my life-long goal—not one but two books published during a pandemic!

Crazy, right?

Here's the teaser:

Twelve-year-old Casey Grimes almost died fighting the Butcher Beasts. On the bright side, he’s no longer invisible. Even better, he’s enrolled at Trickery School in the heart of Sylvan Woods—a secret forest society in charge of keeping monsters out of the suburbs.

The campus is gorgeous, the classes are crazy, and Casey and his little sister Gloria even have friends: Luci and Robert and Jake. But Casey quickly realizes he has bigger problems than surviving Land Creature Defense and Extreme Climbing.

Magic is causing controversy at Trickery. It’s back on the curriculum after a hundred years and everyone knows Casey’s responsible. Even worse, someone is out to get him, someone more cunning than a Bog Creep or Hyena Toad.

As the shadow enemy closes in, Casey races to discover why he’s being targeted. Solving the deadly mystery will take all the courage and luck he’s got.


This story ends at Christmas in Sylvan Woods, and while I can't give you a monster bodycount or tell you who survives to enjoy cocoa and carols, I get some satisfaction from seeing the book released just slightly before Christmas in the real world—something I can't take any credit for.

It also makes me happy to see a book with a lot of courage, hope and tenacity heading out in a season when those things are badly needed.

Until Trickery School gets underway,

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