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Since you have book one, why not check out all the Casey Grimes books (so far)?

Don't miss a single monster.

Don't miss a single clue... the "steppingstone path of small mysteries" (Kirkus) that leads deeper and deeper into the Sylvan Woods universe.

When Casey Grimes and his little sister Gloria infiltrated Sylvan Woods, sorta-kinda by mistake, they didn't know what they were getting into. ​And how could they?

Who knew America needed to be protected from numerous monsters eager to devour the suburbs? Who knew there was a secret wilderness society to keep those monsters in check?

Against all odds, Casey Grimes is beginning his studies at Trickery School, one of America's premier monster-control academies. But classes like Extreme Climbing and Land Creature Defense are the least of his worries. A mysterious enemy is after him—more cunning than a Bog Creep or Hyena Toad. And this secret adversary is playing for keeps.​

"A true adventure, where the stakes are high, the danger real, and the goal is almost impossible to reach” (Bookworm for Kids).

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