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The Casey Grimes Books In ORder. 

Wondering where to start reading? Here's a cheat sheet. A more detailed breakdown of the books in order comes next—without spoilers, of course.

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The Casey Grimes Books in Order

Kirkus called The Mostly Invisible Boy “a splendid conception” and no wonder: Casey Grimes thinks his invisibility is permanent until he finds a secret forest society in charge of monster control. Now he’s got a chance to belong—if he can stay alive long enough! "Original and inventive, full of courage and heart" (Amy Wilson, author of A Far Away Magic, Shadows of Winterspell, and The Wild Way Home). 


Need friends?—try fighting monsters.


In this "gripping fantasy adventure" (The Wishing Shelf Book Awards), Casey Grimes begins his studies at Trickery School, one of America's premier monster-control academies. But classes like Extreme Climbing and Land Creature Defense are the least of his worries. He realizes a mysterious enemy is after him—more cunning than a Bog Creep or Hyena Toad. And this secret adversary is playing for keeps. 


Classes have begun. Please don't die. 


Don't mind the dragon. 

When Brook, an orphan with a knack for survival, is dumped on a deadly island—by a beast that shouldn’t exist—all she knows is she’s far from her group home in Weed, California. And haunted by a past that stays just out of reach. A stand-alone YA story that also acts as book #2.5 in the Casey Grimes series. 




Track the ghost cat! 


Step into the shiny sneakers of the irrepressible Lila Banks as she follows her cat Orangesicle—and fights to survive the night—in a forest where trails move around, strange creatures prowl, and pets are not always what they seem. This short story is a fun, spooky standalone backdoor into the magnificent Casey Grimes world. 



Something's moving in the woods.

Against all odds, Casey Grimes survived the terrible, fiery "Assassin Inferno." That's on top of his dangerous studies at Trickery School. In his second semester, he and Gloria finally have a chance to carve out a home in Sylvan Woods. Unfortunately, something is terribly wrong with the forest itself.

Let sleeping dragons lie.

When Conley leaves his safety-obsessed neighborhood and moves to the historic Kansas City Dragon District, he hopes for adventures and new friends. Instead he gets an ancient house with a secret that might roast him alive. So long, summer break.



Spring Break has never been this wild.

Casey Grimes saved the day last semester when he foiled a Jabberwocky plot to carve up Trickery School. With his parents off on their own monster mission, he and Gloria can finally take a break... but their foes have a bone to pick.


That's all the Casey Grimes books (in order) for now...enjoy a 10% discount in my author shop with coupon code WELCOME.

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